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" The more I know men the more I love dogs "

Madame De Sévigné

"The only place in the world where you can meet a man worthy of the name is the gaze of a dog"

Romain Gary

"Meticulously trained, man can become a dog's best friend"


You can say any silly thing to a dog, and he'll give you back a look that says, "My god you're right! I never would have gotten there."

Dave Barry

"A dog can find, even in the most useless of us, something to believe in"

E.V. Lucas

"A dog's love and fidelity go beyond life"

Antonio Cuomo

"The dog is the most remarkable and complete conquest that man has ever made"

Charles Cuvier

"There is no loyalty that does not betray at least once, except that of a dog"

K. Lorenz

"The choice of a master by a good dog is a magnificent and mysterious phenomenon. With surprising rapidity, often in a few days a bond is established that is far more solid than all"

Konrad Lorenz

"Nobody like a dog knows how to appreciate the extraordinary nature of your verse"

Christopher Morley

"If a dog needs a master, every man needs a dog even if he doesn't know it"

Marco Valcarenghi

"A dog is an eternal Peter Pan, it never gets old, so it is always available to love and be loved"

Aaron Katcher

With children

Obviously, given the appearance of the Parson Russell Terrier he is often chosen "only" as a life partner.A real "teddy bear" (what at rough coat) always has the form of a stuffed animal.Choosing a Parson Russell means to fill your live with joy and sweetness.Rustic Dog and not inclined to get sick. It 'also frugal and this is a beneficial to his line, which must always be elegant and never heavy or plump (careful to give tidbits between meals)."Our" if you will not have realized is a true athlete and requires a balanced diet (trust to a super-premium, possibly fish). Soon you will be surprised by the jumps and his speed skills that he will keep until old age (It is common to see individuals who come to almost 18-20 years of age).Of course you have to think , in consideration of purchase,

 he is a terrier and in the daily management it needs a master (nothing difficult).I tell you only one thing, if you believe to buy a dog "without a soul", you have made the wrong choice . Select another.This is a dog not polluted by mode. It 'a subject with a personality that will make you laugh often but sometimes he will make you angry. Always "He" (Your Parson) will be forgiven.It will surprise you (again) for its sweetness.If you know how to train it is a very good dog for obbedience and agility.He is an incorruptible guardian.Loving friend of children and the family, but always a "terrier" and he will throw it all up for a lizard or a pigeon imprudently landed on your balcony.It 'a dog who quietly, after years of anonymity is accompanying increasingly "single" or families who love nature.Having a Parson Russell on a leash (I assure you) will not go unnoticed.

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